Are Shaesby’s materials ethically sourced?

We are proud to use 100% recycled metals and are committed to sourcing conflict-free diamonds, including man-made diamonds.

Each piece of jewelry that we make is ethically designed and handcrafted in our Austin, TX studio.

What materials do you use?


We primarily work in 14k yellow, white, & rose gold and sterling silver. Our gold inlay process uses 22k yellow gold. 18k gold and platinum are available upon request.

Styles in white gold are rhodium plated. Please indicate in order notes or contact us before or immediately after placing your order if you do not wish to have your items rhodium plated.


We work with precious and semi-precious gemstones. All of our stones are conflict-free and are sourced from vendors who comply with the Kimberly process.

Caring for Your Jewelry

While our jewelry is made to last a lifetime, please keep in mind that precious metals and gemstones are delicate in nature and should be handled with proper care. See our Jewelry Care Guide below to learn how to protect, clean, and store your jewelry.

General Care

We highly recommend removing jewelry before:
  • Swimming, exercising, doing any kind of strenuous activity, showering/bathing, sleeping, and washing hands
  • Applying personal products such as perfume, hair sprays, and lotions
  • Entering a sauna or steam room
  • Going to the beach
  • Cooking, crafting, gardening, and generally handling anything sticky or messy
  • Chlorinated and treated water - the chemicals can permanently damage metals and gemstones, particularly pearls, opals, and 14k white gold.
  • Personal care and household products - these products contain chemicals that can dull metal finishes and make stones appear grimy and dingy.
  • Extreme conditions - avoid exposing jewelry to sudden or extreme heat or cold; this can cause gemstones to crack. Avoid high humidity to prevent oxidation.
  • Impact - All jewelry, especially pieces with gemstones, should be handled with care to avoid hitting, knocking, or dropping your jewelry against a hard surface. Any stone can break if hit hard enough, even diamonds. Dropping pieces of jewelry on a hard surface has been known to bend or damage the metal.
  • To clean your jewelry at home, submerge jewelry in a solution of warm water and a detergent free soap.
  • After soaking for a few minutes, gently scrub out lotion and dirt with a soft-bristled brush; stiff bristles can scratch soft metals i.e. gold and silver.
  • Remove the items from the soapy water solution, rinse with clean water, and thoroughly pat dry. Polish high polish items with a polishing cloth.
  • Pearls should not be submerged in water or scrubbed with any brush; instead, wipe clean with a damp cloth and air dry.
  • A polishing cloth may only be used on the shiny areas of your jewelry to maintain its high polish finish. Do not use a polishing cloth on a satin or oxidized finish.
  • Silver pieces with an oxidized finish should not be cleaned with silver polish or tarnish remover as this will remove the blackened finish.
  • Silver pieces with an oxidized finish will develop a worn patina over time. Certain personal care products, friction from wear, oils, water, and body chemistry can affect how quickly the patina appears.
  • We are always happy to re-oxidize and/or clean and recondition your Shaesby jewelry, free of charge. Please contact us to initiate the process.
  • To prevent scratching or tangling, store each of your Shaesby pieces separately and in its own pouch.
  • Store silver pieces in an air-tight bag to prevent tarnishing.
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity.
  • Wipe jewelry clean with a soft cloth before storing.

Past Collections

What if I am interested in a product that isn't available anymore?

If there is something from a previous collection that you would like to purchase, it is never too late! Just let us know the product you would like and we will make it just for you (subject to material availability).

Due to fluctuation in pricing, styles from past seasons will be priced according to the current price of gold and silver. Styles made with gemstones are subject to availability.

Insurance & Warranties

Do you provide insurance?

We recommend insuring your jewelry, but we do not provide insurance nor appraisals.