“Jewelry comes to life when it is worn”

Everyday Elegance

Shaesby designs are known for their unique, authentic, wearable and timeless qualities. Everyday elegance meets our artistic approach to the craft.

Timeless Style

When you create your treasure with a Shaesby artisan you bring your own creative style and vision into the process.

Our designs avoid trends to showcase timeless, one-of-kind expressions and scaled-down sculptures that are cherished as modern heirlooms.

Ethically Handmade

Each Shaesby piece is lovingly hand forged and uniquely its own. Our jewelry is created using traditional techniques alongside a flexibility for custom work.

Every piece is handcrafted with ethically sourced gemstones and 100% recycled precious metals.

About the Designer

“My greatest thrill and accomplishment is that I get to do what I love every day working alongside such talented artists that support the mission, creating wearable pieces of timeless art that will be an heirloom, valued for generations.”
– Shaesby

Shaesby Scott was born in Louisiana. Immersed in art at an early age through his mother, who is a painter, he grew up in a creative environment with access to great artists, to get to know them personally and to be raised to explore outside the lines.

He studied sculpture and fine arts at Colorado State University. During an extended stay in Brazil after graduating, he surrounded himself in the culture’s rich community of music, art, and festivals that inspired a seamless transition to jewelry design. In 2001, he opened his Austin studio with a focus on an artistic approach to the craft and sculptural form.

He deeply values sustainability and is consistently inspired by the energy of nature that surrounds us, travel, sailing and an adventurous spirit of discovering new treasures while exploring abroad. His vision aspires to transform these raw materials into fine jewelry with impeccable craftsmanship that highlights the unique beauty of each in their purest form of expression.

Blending and pushing the boundaries between sculptural form and traditional jewelry techniques, each Shaesby piece is hand forged and uniquely its own. Using traditional techniques alongside a flexibility for custom work, every piece is handcrafted by his talented artisans with ethically sourced gemstones, no-conflict diamonds and 100% recycled precious metals.

Shaesby explores the symbiotic relationship of creating a piece that will be worn, taking on characteristics between the person creating it and the person wearing it. The juxtaposition of precious gemstones and a hand-crafted sensibility results in collections and pieces that become wearable sculptures to incorporate into the individuals own style.

“One-of-a-kind enables you to take full advantage of emphasizing the natural beauty of the materials. It really is an adventure. And so much fun. It's very liberating to be able to design one piece at a time.”
– Shaesby

Our Austin Studio

Our jewelry is entirely made in our Austin, Texas studio. We do not outsource any production. Each piece is ethically hand-crafted by our dedicated team of artisans. We offer the exclusive experience of designing one-of-a-kind custom pieces and welcome you to visit where you can view how we uniquely create our jewelry and view our collections.

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Please contact us to schedule an in-person studio consultation, a phone consultation, or to ask us any questions.