About Shaesby Jewelry

Shaesby Scott is an American artist and the founder of Shaesby jewelry. Born and raised in Louisiana, he attended Colorado State University where he pursued his passion for fine art. His career began as a sculptor and furniture maker until discovering his calling for jewelry while living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Story of Shaesby Jewelry

In 2001, Shaesby decided to pursue his passion in designing fine jewelry. He set up shop in Austin, Texas and began handcrafting each piece using old world techniques like hand forging and lost wax casting. More than a decade of artistic refinement and incremental design innovation earned Shaesby a reputation for quality work.

Every piece is still handcrafted in-house at our studio by a team of talented artisans. Everyone here is devoted to their craft, carefully making one piece of jewelry at a time.

The Distinct Shaesby Style

In recent years, oxidized silver and gold inlay have contributed to the ever-evolving style of Shaesby jewelry. We continue to create classic, best-selling styles like our hand forged thread thru and hoop earrings, along with our quintessential stack rings.

Developing Artisan Craftsmanship

Shaesby’s methods have stayed true to authentic techniques. These old world methods like hand forging and lost wax casting produce quality pieces with distinct visual and tangible textures while providing flexibility for custom work.

If you visit our studio, you’ll see dedicated artisans working at their craft. We make everything in-house, from our own ear wires and clasps to the wax models that enable such intricate detail and refinement. All materials used for Shaesby jewelry are responsibly and ethically sourced.

Our pieces only truly come to life when worn, it is the relationship between the maker and the wearer that give purpose to our process.